Tekken 4 PC Game
Tekken 4 is a Action and Arcade version.It is also a best video Fighting Game.It is totally free and you will no need money to purchase this installment which is very good and very complected.It is Full free Version as you know also.It is also installment of tekken series it requires more space and other thing to play it.Its mean that This installment is a little bit more heavy then the previous.This product is not high rating.It include less players then the previous installment.It also provide less attacks then the previous.But this is also played in many countries because everyone know that Namco always publish good products that's why this is a little bit famous and other resonan is that this is a tekken series product.Tekken series is very famous in all time when was it started.It provide best Arcade installments.We can not say it that this is a flop installment no it is also a good installment.This installment is used in USA and Many other English countries.It is also not very easy to install this installment.It will take about 10 minutes to install this product.You will need to extract this installment and after it you will also need Daemon Tools to burn its Image and most important thing is that you must be install pcsx 2 emulator in your PC and you will need to update your Pcsx 2 emulator and also need to configure emulator settings which are complected.i have a solution of this problem i have already configure all setting in one emulator and also video tutorial is available with Pcsx 2 Emulator.You can easily learn how to configure emulator settings.

Tekken 3 PC Installment

Namco Present Tekken 4 PC Game

Full Free Pcsx 2 Emulator With Tekken 4 PC

This installment consist double players also.Its mean that we can play this awesome product with our friend or our relatives.This installment included many modes.Arcade is the best in this version which is very good.It consist 8 Stages.We will face many players when you will try to finish this version.Some player will be not available in all modes but after sometime when you will do the end of any player another player will be come which player box will be blank.Note,If any will be come then you will need to save the game.If you will not save then your new player will be gone.So take care of this thing.And I have also played this installment.This product consist of less features then The previous which is Tekken 3.You must be install Microsoft Windows in Your PC or laptop which thing that you are using.This version is also available for Android and Smart Phones.This version is also available in Play Station 2.I have no special idea that This installment is available for Xbox. Many Websites provide this installment to play or enjoy this installment online. 

This installment will work easily if your Pcsx 2 emulator support Windows which are Windows 7,Windows Xp,Windows 8.These are mostly used operation System.And i also hope that you are now using one of these Microsoft Windows.I am telling you again Pcsx 2 emulator will take maximum time to configure its setting and my friend and other my blog users also asked that can we configure its setting and i gave the link of Pscx 2 emulator which was make by me.It is 100% working emulator and my friend said me thank you for this Help.I have already upload emulator but due to some problem my emulator file was removed by After some time i will give totally new emulator Link and hope that you need also say me thank you for this help.Hope you will enjoy this installment of tekken series.

System Requirements!
Processor Core 2 Duo
Ram Minimum above from 1Gb
VGA Card Minimum 256MB
Space 3.50GB
Size of Torrent File is above from 1.50Gb

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